Who we are

Ci-Effe-Gi was established in 1954 when three partners began producing needle instruments such as "voltmeters, ammeters and heat comparators".
After a few years, following the market demand, we began producing VARIAC-type "voltage variators" (at that time already designed and produced in America and imported to Europe), reproducing the same product with the same features.
Initially, we only had a few models of medium power, all of them protected, and the most part of our production was used in spectacle lens dyeing equipment.
In the following years, thanks to the experience acquired when we started, we extended our range from 0.7 A to 15 A, developing both single-phase and three-phase products, especially in the unprotected range.
As a consequence, we entered a new production segment: that of electro-mechanics, and we started cooperating with several companies to produce:

  • Voltage stabilisers for PCs
  • Continuous wire welders used in shipyards
  • Drawing tables
  • Radar systems for the Ministry of Defence
  • Test benches for helicopter and aeroplane motors
  • Controllers for satellites and medical devices

Thanks to the many segments in which our products are used and to the several challenges we faced, our staff has an excellent curriculum in R&D and production for new systems and materials, updating and improving products as well as the machines used for their realisation. Today, we have reached a productivity level that allows us to offer advice to and satisfy the requirements of the most diverse customers, always developing new applications.
In the last few years, we have also entered the field of road illumination, with satisfactory results.